Based in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, Cities & Environment Unit (CEU) has been assisting communities for over 15 years. More about us…

Cities & Environment Unit is a community planning action and applied research group. Our work focuses on:
  • Creating community plans. We take on community planning projects at all scales. The plans consider all aspects of communities, including: economic development, housing, environment, health, education, culture, governance and settlement patterns.
  • Generating new knowledge, approaches and tools for community design. We are constantly learning from our experiences and using that knowledge to create planning tools and approaches for wide distribution and use. We endeavour to design new approaches to planning to make it more widely understood and practiced.
  • Inspiring communities to become great places to live. Through community outreach and public participation events, we are dedicated to increasing awareness of planning and inspiring citizens to get involved in shaping their communities.

At every scale and context, our work is always comprehensive and community-based.