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CEU completes evaluation of Saskatchewan CCBP Pilot Project

After more than a decade working with First Nation communities across the country, CEU has compiled a report capturing key findings and recommendations for advancing comprehensive, community-based planning (CCBP) in First Nations. The report draws on our experiences, with particular focus on the Saskatchewan CCBP Pilot Project, as well as interviews with people involved in community planning in different provinces. While there are many challenges associated with effective CCBP, there is significant evidence that it is worth doing. The findings call for broad recognition at the Federal and First Nation level that community plans make a difference, and are both cost-effective and necessary. Based on this recognition, the evaluation outlines specific recommendations to inform how community planning should be delivered, integrated and supported in First Nations across the country. The report highlights the importance of building on the momentum and investment in the CCBP Pilot Project to extend plan development to more communities, and improve opportunities to implement plans that increase local self-reliance and maximize the impact of funding for community planning and capacity development.
[download a copy of the report]