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CEU Welcomes Guest Researcher from France

Cities & Environment Unit is pleased to welcome guest researcher Clément Marinos to our offices. Clément’s project in Halifax, as a French Ph.D student in regional development, is to compare two regions that have common characteristics: Nova Scotia and Brittany in France. These similarities refer to distance from major metropolises, Celtic cultural heritage, proximity to the ocean (including industries linked to the Atlantic Ocean, harbors and general maritime profile) and some remoteness. His research in Nova Scotia focuses on the following main points: uses and scales of a company’s networks (structured or not); the degree to which entrepreneurs are embedded in middle-sized cities; the impact for companies of remoteness from the largest North America cites; and the relationship between Halifax and other cities in terms of economic cooperation.

Clément will be interviewing owners of innovative local businesses and representatives from business development organizations until the end of November 2013. You can contact Clément through the Cities & Environment Unit.