Berwick Northern Gateway Design


Client: Town of Berwick, Nova Scotia

Berwick’s Northern Gateway provided an important opportunity to think about the future of the community in the context of designing a new gateway for the Town. The proposed “Northern Gateway” builds on Berwick’s strengths, using design elements to create a memorable and welcoming experience for both visitors and residents.

The design considers physical aspects such as trails, parks and infrastructure, while incorporating recreational opportunities, economic growth, social and cultural development and environmental management. Considerations also include the larger context of existing strategic and economic development plans, assets beyond the Gateway and long-term possibilities for the Town.

Community engagement was a critical component of this project. A day-long community Design Workshop, an “Ideas Session” with students at the Berwick and District school and a Community Open House enabled many residents to have a hand in shaping the Town’s future. Interactive tools, such as models and large visual displays helped to make community involvement accessible and inclusive.

An implementation strategy, which is primarily project-based, was also developed. Each project embraces an attitude of achieving the most benefit from the least effort, enabling the Town to achieve the best return on even the smallest investment. Actions, with associated cost estimates, are sequenced from immediate actions that the Town can take today through to long-term moves.