Comprehensive Community-Based Planning (CCBP) Pilot Project, Saskatchewan


Partners: Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Health Canada, Joint Steering Committee (JSC)

Building on Cities & Environment Unit’s community planning work with First Nations in Atlantic Canada, this project focuses on developing an awareness of and capacity for planning in First Nation communities. Eight First Nation pilot communities are engaged in developing and implementing Community Plans. The project will demonstrate the process, content and benefits of planning and will begin to establish a regional support network for planning in Saskatchewan through training for local Plan Champions and representatives from Tribal Councils. Cities & Environment Unit is in the unique position of having been contracted to provide ongoing professional planning support to the pilot communities as their focus shifts from Plan development to Plan implementation.

The four Plans completed to date reflect the evolution of the approach outlined in the First Nations Community Planning Model. Work will soon begin on a revised third edition.

For more information, visit the CCBP Saskatchewan project website: