New Waterford Downtown Revitalization


Client: NewERA (Carl Getto)

The last mine closure in New Waterford, Nova Scotia had dramatic consequences for employment, local businesses and the towns’ future prospects. In response, local residents formed the New Waterford and District Economic Renewal Association (NewERA) to consider alternatives given their new economic reality. NewERA investigates avenues for economic growth including investment in wind energy production, fisheries, university research and technology development.

As with any community in a position of declining employment opportunities, the retention of young people is of the utmost importance. The youth of New Waterford need to see their town as a place with a future—a place that provides a great quality of life for its residents as well as creative and innovative employment opportunities.

It is within this context that Cities & Environment Unit investigated Plummer Avenue and its relationship to New Waterford and the surrounding areas. The result is a fresh look at New Waterford, informed through discussions and meetings with local residents and from a perspective that sees its landscape, people and possibilities with new insights. Art, recreation, and energy research constitute the direction for both the street and the town. They are meant to improve the quality of life, attract tourists, encourage partnerships with the university and industry, and fuel economic development.