Wagmatcook Community Plan Update


Wagmatcook Chief Council

CEU worked with Wagmatcook First nation for 16 months updating their Community Plan. CEU was responsible for designing and implementing a strategy of community engagement to work with community members to develop content for their Community Plan. 

Public Engagement 
This project involved a number of methods to ensure a broad cross-section of Wagmatcook community members were engaged. Workshops were held at the school throughout the project to plan and design with youth. 5 Community open houses, 8 focus group sessions and 4 meetings with the Elders council took place.

An online presence was established through the creation of the project page on the Wagmatcook website. Regular updates about the community planning process were made as well as invites and advertisements about upcoming community sessions. The local cable channel was also used to update community members and invite them to community meetings.
This project demonstrates a multifaceted approach to community engagement and communications. it also highlights the importance of building capacity around planning with community members. Planning concepts, ideas, approaches and examples need to be shared with community members so they can contribute to planning discussions in a fruitful way and be empowered to make suggestions because they have the knowledge to do so.